About Us


Cam started as a delivery driver at Maple Lane Dairy way back when! He then had the opportunity take over his route and develop a distributorship which he jumped on the opportunity.

Cam worked hard with a team of great people to grow and develop the successful company he has here today, Moo Cow Distributing.

Over the years, Cam saw the opportunity to service the schools in the area with an online milk and nutrition program, which is when ESNS – Elementary School Nutrition Services was born.

With all of his hard working and determination, Cam really looks for ways to grow the business and service all types of distributing needs, which is why 6 years ago, he purchased Avid Gourmet. Avid Gourmet services Ontario with gourmet, local, niche products from barista coffee products to boutique ice cream items! The only question is what will Cam have up his sleeve next?!

General Manager

Lori has been with Moo Cow Distributing for over 25 years! She's our OG General Manager and always brings a smile to our operations team.

Lori oversees the operations of all 3 companies and keeps all of the inventory in check while keeping all of our clients happy.

Lori manages the accounting, marketing, and business development for Moo Cow and its sister companies. 

Route Manager

Gerry has been with Moo Cow Distributing for over 25 years. He manages the delivery route sequences and takes good care of all of our fleet!

Gerry manages all of the truck maintenance procedures so you can call him the "handy man" at Moo-Cow Distributing.

Gerry also lends a hand wherever he is needed and is keen to jump in and help in any situation! 

Warehouse Manager

Dave has been with Moo Cow Distributing for over 16 years. He shares his time equally between Moo Cow and Avid Gourmet as our Warehouse Manager.

He's our guy for picking orders, managing inventory and managing shipping & receiving deliveries. 

Office Manager

Denise has been with Moo Cow Distributing for 11 years and helps to manage all of the office staff.

She assists with call order, inside sales, route allocation, purchasing and many other office duties.